Selected Publications

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Pelican, Michaela. Masks and Staffs: Identity Politics in the Cameroon Grassfields. Oxford, New York: Berghahn. Read introduction
Pelican, Michaela. 2006. Getting along in the Grassfields: interethnic relations and identity politics in Northwest Cameroon. Halle, Saale: Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt.
Pelican, Michaela. 1999. Die Arbeit der Mbororo-Frauen früher und heute: eine Studie zum Wandel der sozio-ökonomischen Situation semi-nomadischer Fulbe-Frauen in Nordwest Kamerun. Bayreuth: Universitätsbibliothek Bayreuth.

Edited volume/special issue

University of Cologne Forum "Ethnicity as a Political Resource" (ed.). 2015. Ethnicity as a political resource: Conceptualizations across Disciplines, Regions, and Periods. Bielefeld: Transcript. Read introduction
Maruyama, Junko and Michaela Pelican (eds.). 2015. Indigenous Identities and Ethnic Coexistence in Africa. Special issue of African Study Monographs 36(1).
Damir-Geilsdorf, Sabine, Mira Menzfeld und Michaela Pelican (eds.). 2014. Islam und Sport: Einblicke in das interdisziplinäre Forschungs- und Lehrprojekt „Ethnographie vor der Haustür“ der Universität zu Köln. Kölner Arbeitspapiere zur Ethnologie 5. Institut für Ethnologie, Universität zu Köln.
Pelican, Michaela (ed.). 2014. BAOHAN Street: An African Community in Guangzhou. Documentary photographs by Li Dong. Kölner Arbeitspapiere zur Ethnologie 4. Institut für Ethnologie, Universität zu Köln.
Heiss, Jan Patrick and Michaela Pelican (eds.). 2014. "Making a Future" in Contemporary Africa. Special issue of Journal des Africanistes 84(1).
Pelican, Michaela and Mahir Şaul (eds.). 2014. 'African Global Entrepreneurs', Urban Anthropology (UAS) 43: 1,2,3.

Selected articles and book chapters

Pelican, Michaela. 2015. Movimientos por los derechos indígenas en África: Perspectivas desde Botsuana, Tanzania y Camerún. Revista Contra Relatos desde el Sur 12: 31-46
Pelican, Michaela. 2015. Ethnicity as a political resource: Indigenous rights movements in Africa. In: University of Cologne Forum "Ethnicity as a Political Resource" (ed.). Ethnicity as a political resource: Conceptualizations across Disciplines, Regions, and Periods. Bielefeld: Transcript: 135-149. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2015. Neoliberal Challenges and Transnational Lives of Cameroonian Migrants in Dubai. In: Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf and Dale F. Eickelman (eds.). Africa and the Gulf Region: Blurred Boundaries and Shifting Ties. Berlin: Gerlach Press: 92-110. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela and Junko Maruyama. 2015. The Indigenous Rights Movement in Africa: Perspectives from Botswana and Cameroon. African Study Monographs 36(1): 49-74. Abstract
Michaela Pelican and Jan Patrick Heiss. 2014. “Making a future” in contemporary Africa. Introduction. Journal des Africanistes 84(1): 7-19. Abstract
Şaul, Mahir and Michaela Pelican. 2014. Global African Entrepreneurs: A new research perspective on contemporary African migration. UAS 43 (1-3): 1-16. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2014. Urban Lifeworlds of Cameroonian Migrants in Dubai. UAS 43 (1-3): 255-309. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2013. Insights from Cameroon: Five years after the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Anthropology Today 29(3): 13-16. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2013. International Migration: Virtue or Vice? Perspectives from Cameroon. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 39(2): 237-258. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2012. From cultural property to market goods: changes in the economic strategies and herd management rationales of agro-pastoral Fulbe in North West Cameroon. In: Anatoly Khazanov and Günther Schlee (eds.). Who Owns the Stock? Collective and multiple property rights in animals. New York, Oxford: Berghahn. pp. 213-230. Abstract
Mimche, Honoré et Michaela Pelican. 2012. Quand les immigrants se font "autochtones": dynamiques d'insertion des Mbororo et insécurité foncière à l'ouest-Cameroun. In: Pierre Kamdem et Martin Kuete (eds.) L' "in"sécurité au Cameroun: mythe ou réalité? Paris: Iresma. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2012. Friendship among pastoral Fulbe in northwest Cameroon. African Study Monographs 33(3): 165-188. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2011. Mbororo on the move: from pastoral mobility to international travel. Journal of Contemporary African Studies 29(4): 427-440. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2011. Researching South-South/South-East migration: Transnational relations of Cameroonian Muslim migrants. Tsantsa 16:169-173. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2010. Umstrittene Rechte indigener Völker: das Beispiel der Mbororo in Kamerun. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 135: 39-60. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela and Peter Tatah. 2009. Migration to the Gulf States and China: local perspectives from Cameroon. African Diaspora 2(2): 229-245. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2009. Customary, state, and human rights approaches to containing witchcraft in Cameroon. In: Bertram Turner and Thomas Kirsch (eds.). Permutations of Order. Religion and Law as Contested Sovereignties. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing: 149-164. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2009. Complexities of indigeneity and autochthony: an African example. American Ethnologist 36(1): 149-162. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2008. Mbororo claims to regional citizenship and minority status in northwest Cameroon. Africa 78(4): 540-560. Abstract
Dafinger, Andreas und Michaela Pelican. 2006. Sharing or dividing the land? Land rights and herder-farmer relations in a comparative perspective. Canadian Journal of African Studies 40(1): 127-151. Abstract
Pelican, Michaela. 2004. Im Schatten der Schlachtviehmärkte: Milchwirtschaft der Mbororo in Nordwestkamerun. In: Günther Schlee (Hrsg.). Ethnizität und Markt: Zur ethnischen Struktur von Viehmärkten in Westafrika. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. S. 131-158. Abstract

Selected book reviews

Pelican, Michaela. 2012. Book review: Bea Vidac. 2010. Visions of a Better World. Football in the Cameroonian Social Imagination. Berlin: LIT Verlag. Sociologus 62(1): 112-114.
Pelican, Michaela. 2011. Book review: Peter Geschiere. 2009. The Perils of Belonging. Autochthony, citizenship, and exclusion in Africa & Europe. Chicago, London: The University of Chicago Press. American Ethnologist 38(4): 841-842.
Pelican, Michaela. 2010. Book review: Ian Fowler and Verkijika Fanso (eds.). 2009. Encounter, Transformation, and Identity. New York, Oxford: Berghahn. Africa 80(4): 668-669.

Documentary films

Pelican, Michaela and Francesco Bondanini. 2014. Portrait of a Migrant Woman: Martha in Dubai. Documentary short, 14:20 min.
Pelican, Michaela and Nikolaus Greil. 2013. 'Performing Ethnography': Cameroonian masked performance enacted by anthropology students of the University of Cologne as part of the course on methods of visual and theatre anthropology, 5:31 min.
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Radio interviews

Radio interview on witchcraft (clipping, in German), 6 min.
WDR 5, Diesseits von Eden, 14.04.2013, contribution by Naima El Moussaoui
Interviews about the photo exhibition "Baohan Street: an African community in Guangzhou"
DRadio Wissen, 15.10.2014, 06:35 min, by Grit Eggerichs
Afrotown in Guangzhou – Gespräch mit Michaela Pelican

DLF (Deutschlandfunk), 16.10.2014, 03:58 min, by Markus Dichmann
Chocolate City – Fotoausstellung über Guangzhous schwarzes Viertel
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